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This is our consortium of trustees who have been recommended to ensure that Second Chance Charitable Trust stays aligned with the mission and to also offer advice to the volunteers and management of the Trust.

Second Chance Charitable Trust Board Member
Thomas Kasumba


Kasumba Thomas is a senior education officer, trained from Makerere university and a distinguished community mobilizer , whose responsibility has been primarily for organising poor people in rural communities to change their style of living characterised by generations of poverty, diseases and neglect. For the matter of carrying out effective mobilisation of communities,Kasumba opted to take up a number of relevant training courses among which included; Public financial management,supervision and management of civil works; strategic planning and savings and credit cooperative organisationmanagement; skilling the youth in agri-business , wildlife and environmental conservation; project planning and implementation plus others. He has got a wealth experience in working with imaginalised communities for over twenty years, with a proven ability to improve livelihood in rural communities through boosting acquisition of basic skills among the youth, promoting awareness against diseases and assisting vulnerable to earn a decent living where possible. Recently he was appointed Chairperson, Second chance charitable trustee.

Second Chance Charitable Trust Board Member
Joseph Kateete


A seasoned, enthusiastic, and resourceful career banker with over 17 years banking experience. A graduate with a Bachelor of Science Degree in agriculture and a Post Graduate Diploma in Financial Management. A compassionate Mentor and coach in Retail and Personal banking as well as Small and Medium Enterprises. A Certified trainer of Trainers (TOT) currently working as a bank Branch Manager.

Second Chance Charitable Trust Board Member
Thamalie Nantale


Ms Thamale Nantale was prepared by the experience in the rural community of Misigi - Mityana District where she was born and the village schools she attended for her future career of humanitarian work in needy communities around her. After completing her formal education with a degree in Development and Social Sciences, Ms Thamalie worked and served in several capacities and positions of responsibility in rural and urban communities. Compassionate by heart, Ms Thamalie was invited to work with MU-JHU CARE LTD, a research collaboration between Makerere University (UG) and John Hopkins University (USA) as a community advisory board member and researcher. She also recruits and makes retention plans on cancer, HIV/ AIDS and Malaria participants, serving as link between researchers and the community. Rural Community in Development (RUCID) an NGO in Uganda taps Ms Thamalie’s many gifts as a field supervisor and coordinator of agricultural activities. Ms Thamalie never tires to help the vulnerable, children, youth, orphans, widows and elderly while advocating for social justice and environmental protection.

Second Chance Charitable Trust Board Member
Rev Fr Paul


After his Philosophical and Theological Studies, Rev Paul Muganga was ordained to the Catholic Priesthood on the 9th of April 1978. He belongs to Kiyinda Mityana Diocese. Rev Fr Paul Muganga is a multi talented Catholic Priest. He is social, joyful, prayerful, hard working , sportsman, musician, gentle, principled and humble. His humanitarian and ecumenical spirit are the key elements in his success as an evangelizer.

Rev Fr Paul Muganga was assistant Parish Priest at Kiyinda Mityana Parish (1978-1979), Parish Priest at Busuubizi Parish (1979-1981) Private Secretary to the Ordinary of Kiyinda Mityana Diocese, Diocesan Chancellor and Diocesan Vocations Director ( 1982 - 1983 and 1986-1994). In between while serving the Diocese at its headquarters, Fr Muganga left for Germany to study Office management and Business Administration . He mastered the German language and also scored a Diploma in his studies ( 1982-1986) From 1994-2003 , Fr Muganga was Parish Priest of Kiganda Parish. He was then moved to Mirembe Maria Parish as Parish Priest. On the 27th of November 2011, Rev Fr Paul Muganga was officially installed as the new and first Parish Priest of the newly opened Parish of St Simon Katuugo. He is still Parish Priest of Katuugo Parish. Since his tenure as Parish Priest of Katuugo, Fr Muganga has championed human integral development , serving the poorest of the poor while actively engaging in social justice issues .

Rev Fr Paul Muganga’s priestly life and works cannot but remind us of Thomas S. Monson’s words: “Miracles are everywhere to be found when priesthood callings are magnified. When faith replaces doubt, when selfless service eliminates selfish striving, the power of God brings to pass His purposes.. The Priesthood is not really so much a gift as it is a commission to serve, a privilege to lift and an opportunity to bless the lives of others”.

A warm welcome to you dear Fr Paul Muganga and lots of good wishes on becoming part of Second Chance Charitable Trust.

Second Chance Charitable Trust Board Member
Teopista Nalubombwe


A Septuagenerian, mother, grandmother and great grandmother, a master in dealing with rural community issues in Karuguuza ( present day Kibaale District) where she was born and Nalutuntu ( current day Kassanda District) where she got married and has lived all her life, Mrs Teopista Nalubombwe Lubega is an expert without equal in rural benevolent and humanitarian activities. Mrs Teopista Lubega was a Sub Parish Treasurer and later a Parish Treasurer at St Simon Katuugo Parish in Kiyinda - Mityana Diocese - Uganda, for over 30 years. While in Church leadership as Treasurer at the above mentioned levels, Mrs Teopista Nalubombwe Lubega passionately built and advocated for human integral development among faith based communities commonly known as Small Christian Communities. Later, she employed that knowledge, passion and expertise in the local communities especially in Nalutuntu and the surroundings. She is humanitarian, agriculturist , social justice activist and ardent supporter for the poorest of the poor. Mrs Teopista Nalubombwe Lubega is often heard in community meetings echoing the most persistent and urgent question which is; “What are we doing for others?” At her advanced age , Mrs Teopista Nalubombwe Lubega does one act of kindness on daily basis in her community of Nalutuntu - Kassanda District , Uganda.

Second Chance Charitable Trust Board Member
Harriet Namatovu Lubega


Having completed successfully her Senior Secondary Education, Ms Harriet Namatovu Lubega embarked on business as a retail trader in Kampala city , Uganda. It was in the slums of Nsambya - Kampala that she developed a philanthropic spirit towards the needy in the late 1990s. Harriet has generously reached out to the poor, street children, orphans and vulnerable both in Nsambya and Nansana in Kampala and Nalutuntu her home village in Kassanda District for the past 25 years and still counting. Ms Harriet Namatovu Lubega has excelled in mobilising resources from generous partners for the poorest of the poor. She is glad to promote human welfare and the public good.

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