Poultry Project

The trust embarked on starting on Poultry keeping as one of the pioneer projects to help improve lives. As of May 2022, the trust is raising over 1,500 birds in 3 phases, with each phase of birds a month apart in terms of their age difference.

The development objective of the Project is to improve access of communities to productive infrastructure and knowledge leading to sustainable agricultural production and equitable returns.

After careful consultation with the board, the trust chose to begin with Poultry since it is considered a cheaper farming method that can be done for both domestic or commercial purposes. Poultry yields quite high as it requires less expenditure, less capital, no need for a big space, high returns in short time periods, huge global demand, income and employment opportunities.

And the heart of the trust is this; that the poultry project if extended to the youth through providing them which chicks from the parent birds will help to improve their Lives

Second Chance Charitable Trust Poultry Broiler Project

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Diary farming Project

Dairy Farming is a branch of agriculture that encompasses the breeding, raising, and utilization of dairy animals, primarily cows, for the production of milk and the various dairy products processed from it.

This type of farming is for long-term production of milk, usually from dairy cows but also from goats and sheep, which may be either processed on from the farm or transported to a dairy factory for processing and eventual retail sale.

Below are some of the advantages which we the trust hopes that will improve lives and develop the country as well.

  • It generates high-quality food products such as meat, milk, cheese, etc.
  • Other local economic sectors benefit directly or indirectly from its activity: food processing industries, handicrafts, tourism and hospitality.
  • It is one of the few human productive economic activities that are truly sustainable.
  • It generates employment opportunities and serves as a source of income
  • It can help a country to generate foreign exchange earnings through the export of livestock products.
Piggery Project

The Trust chooses this project because it is more profitable and many families in Uganda at large are engaged in this project. The Trust intends to help small farmers to access better breeds of pigs as well as demonstrating to them the proper care of pigs.

This Project is for rearing pigs. The project needs planning, coordinating and at most care if one has to benefit from it. The business project aims at production and sale of 120 piglets annually. The idea assumes a 6 month production cycle. I.e. piglets are given to a family for every birth on the farm.

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We aim to open the way for all Ugandans to embrace & live quality lives through improved access to education, intergrated health care, sustainable agriculture, economic development, environmental & compassionate care.

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